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Some Information About Us
Health 4 All is designed to serve those who wish to empower their health with
specifically formulated products.
Welcome to

Health 4


My name is Liviu. I was born in Romania I come to Australia in 1986.

      I had the priveledge to get sick and suffer the western common sicknesses

Yes, about 80% of the global population do not know these diseases and sicknesses.

        And Yes, the priveledge to get sick, because I had  received every time the same answer from conventional medical specialists - NO HOPE - of restoration. 

        This was for me a WAKE -UP call to RETURN to the NATURE'S WAYS OF RESTORATION and MIRACLES took place. The specialists gave me 4 months to live, in 1996. Now, in 2017, I like to share my success with you. Do you want to know my story?  Follow the following link:

         I chose to have a Plant Based Diet in 1996. So, for the last 21 years me and my family have been on plant based diet, and we strive on it. 

You can too, if you are willing to learn the secrets of Real Living.

Adopting this lifestyle, you will forget most of your 

western sicknesses and diseases. 

You will enjoy Real Living.

I am nearly 66 and still can outwork many 20 year olds, and this is a result

of the healthy life style.

My Experience 

            Because I am making scientifically research and like cooking and experimenting I try out new recipes all the time. So that my close friends and family are all guinea pigs.


     Most people say that with health these days is that it's too expensive.

But: Exercise is free, it's up to you.

Sunshine costs nothing.

Fresh air and water
are a gift.

A merry heart doeth good like medicine.

Prior to 1996 my family and I, here in Victoria, Australia, went through many health crises
(as we blindly believed and accepted the common teachings and life style
of the western marketing system) 
with no hope or help from the medical professionals.
We found a "so good life" that was killing us.
The only offer given to us was - false hopes, great sufferings, despair, and death.
My Family's Health Experience - Click to read it


My Aim

        My aim is to help others to live healthfully and become well. That is the motivation  for my Counseling, Health Classes, Training and Lecturing. ...........................................

      Most from my  money goes to the public seminars, Training classes and cooking classes.

Cooking Classes 

Also I give cooking demonstration’s (with a small fee to help cover the cost) to help those in the community learn to cook.

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